Legacy Cargo Group


Why Choose Legacy Cargo Group?


Reliable and Experienced

Our properly trained staffs and drivers are experienced and proficient in cargo industry.  Our trucking and warehouse services are tailored to the needs of freight forwarders and importers.  

Fully Insured

Legacy Cargo is fully insured with liability and cargo insurance for its trucks and facilities, and worker’s compensation for its employees.  Insurance certificates area available upon request.

Central Location

Our warehouse is conveniently located within 10 miles from most cargo airlines in LAX, major ocean CFS warehouses, and exam sites for efficient freight recovery.

Secured Location and Facility

Our warehouse and fenced premises are monitored by cameras and safely situated right next to the City Hall and Police Department of City of Torrance.  Our facility has dock-height doors for efficient cargo in-and-out operations. Various warehouse services such as palletizing, labeling, strapping, storage, and container loading/offloading are available.

Newer Trucks with GPS Tracking

All trucks in our fleet are newer clean-diesel trucks that are environmentally friendly and equipped with real-time GPS tracking for the timeliness and safety of your cargo.

Amazon Fulfillment (FBA) Expertise

We are experienced and familiar with the operations and requirements of Amazon’s DCs. We are set up in Amazon’s system to make delivery appointments.


Same Day Proof of Delivery

We provide proof of delivery within the same day of delivery so you can bill your customers sooner. 

Cargo Availability Monitoring

We save you time and cost by proactively monitoring cargo availability at CFS warehouses and airlines to ensure on-time pick-up/delivery and avoid storage charges. 

Accurate and Honest Billing

Billing invoices are provided to you with hardcopy P.O.D. attached on a weekly basis. Any accessorial or waiting time charges outside of our regular rates will be brought to your attention for approval prior the invoice is issued.  

Competitive Rates

Please contact us for competitive rates!